Getting at Sud’s !

suds granoWe get to Sud’s! Located in Noci, Bari, we are a wide gang of friends, who didn’t meet since the golden old times.

This place is cozy inside, the atmosphere is good: While sitting, a wall picture in front of me, featuring a golden cornfield. Maybe they represent those cereals, used to prepare the homebrew ‘Sud’s’? It is made at the micro-brewery next to our table! Service is smooth, clean and funny: The waiting staff look is a mix of a Bavarian Style pub (look at those women big skirts), meeting a folk band dancing local Pizzica Pugliese (according to men wearing waistcoats).

We appreciate the wide choice of fresh ingredients. Happily I can remember: Deer salame, truffle sauce, fresh buffalo mozzarella.

suds crewPizza style is both Pizza alla Barese and Pizza Neapolitan Style. Slightly closer to the Naples way of pizza making. The wood fire oven is a must.

The homebrew, homemade beer is pleasant. We enjoyed all of the three varieties, we were offered: Blonde, red and dark beer. And, this was the lack of this place: They dont have a Beers’ Menu at Sud’s ! Every Brewery should put at first place the own beers and their characteristics. Showing itself at its best. Focusing on its own products. Providing customers a touchable, easy-to-read guide to its inner hearth. They don’t have a website, yet.

logoThe Pregiato Birrificio Meridionale Sud’s is located at Noci, in Zona B, 1/D. Mobile: +39 3288773346 The other name for this street is Via per Castellaneta. They are into the light factories zone of Noci, a suburb of the town of Bacco and of the Gnostre.


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