Il Grigliator – Steakhouse in Palagianello

A business dinner with an old friend. Tonight, we decide to have grilled meat. The traditional cuisine of Puglia cook it flambèe. . While in Bari area it is traditionally cooked on the grill, with wood-fire flame. In Taranto and surroundings, they prefer their meat to be ready-to-eat: The food is inserted into a spit, spinning uprightly, or horizontally. That is similar to the Arabic, Turkish and Greek styles of Kebab.

Here we are in Palagianello.Il Grigliator is our place, it could sounds as ‘The Griller’, a youngish and brand new restaurant. The setting is quiet and clean, with vivid red walls.


There’s a wall picture of the Gravina di Palagianello. The town is placed upon it, and gave birth to Pierdavide Carone, the winner of Sanremo music festival in 2010. The guy comes from Amici, the most popular Italian talent-show.

Antipasti come very badly. The oven-baked Mozzarella&prosciutto should not be microwaved.The Filled-Aubergines (kind of lasagne) are cold and flavourless.Nonna Meatballs are much better (with tomato sauce).

The service is kind and effective.But, the worst part is that we drink two different wines, served from bottles opened since weeks yet!You need to know how to preserve an opened bottle of wine, every human being knows that. Mostly if you work in Hospitality.Neither the flute of white nor the House red can be considered, and are served at ugly temperatures.

But, we came here for meat!The tris of tagliata is in the average, but salty.Sauces are ok. The first set is tagliata with gorgonzola and nuts, the second is filled with mushrooms and shavings of grana padano, the third one is the classic rocket-cherry tomatoes-grana padano-balsamic vinegar.


About the desserts: The tiramisu was not fresh. While the chocolate cake with chocolate hearth was definitely good.

Il Grigliator di Angelo Losavio is in Palagianello, Taranto, in 2 Galileo Galilei street. Mobile: 3335607991 Sundays closed.It is located at the edge of the town, very close to Lungogravina, where you can admire the local Gravina of Palagianello.



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