London: A tasty ray of Pugliese sun in the City

Last summer, a brand new Pugliese restaurant opened up into the very hearth of the City, London, Covent Garden. After L’orecchietta, Islington and Ostuni, Queens Park, the third Puglia-style bistrot just showed up, trying to energize your grey life of the British capital town. A Pugliese friend visited Ostuni and recommended it. Then, I definitely need to check this last  opening. Li Veli Wine and Bistro is located at 69, Long Acre, London. Masseria Li Veli is the farm and posse in Puglia, home to the Falvos, a Tuscan family with long-time experience in wine-making, who decided to move to the warm and sunny vineyards of Cellino San Marco, Brindisi. This is a renowned zone for winemaking, thanks to two big players of Pugliese vino, as Al Bano Carrisi the singer, and Cantine Due Palme, the largest co-operative cantina in the region. The Vintage Magazine said this: «Who can resist this charming Southern Italian region? Be it the sea, the sand, the sun, the food or the wine, in Puglia, you name it, you get it! Having a Mediterranean climate, little annual rainfall and the fertile soil, Puglia is heaven for farmers and wine growers and paradise for wine lovers. What’s better, the natural condition makes it easy for farmers to practice organic agriculture. I visited a few wine estates in southern Puglia last year and was hugely impressed by the organic practices many have adopted and the modern interpretations of the local native grapes: Negroamaro, Primitivo, Susumaniello, Malvasia Nero, to name just a few. One of those traditional wineries with a modern twist is Masseria Li Veli