Parco Gravine: green holidays in Puglia

Parco Gravine: green holidays in Puglia

Wish you a Green holiday in Puglia #inthaMurgia #mottola #gravine #parcogravine #cycling

Free cows, good milk & cheese #slowlife #slowfood #cacioricotta #mozzarella #weareinpuglia #taranto #slowlife from the Pugliese Parco Regionale delle Gravine Joniche

Pietregiovani: wine tasting Minutolo Bio in Acquaviva

Pietregiovani: wine tasting Minutolo Bio in Acquaviva

Such a long time we didn’t take part to a tasting in the vineyards. We finally had it, in Acquaviva, the home land of Primitivo di Gioia del Colle, thanks to this event set up by a group of Pugliese Sommeliers, named Apulia Wine Tours.
Getting up to 440 metres upon the sea level, where the guys led us, through the olive and cherries trees (the local Cherry type is Ferrovia: this will be a next story!), we meet Fabio, the vigneron. Fabio is from Bari, is a chartered Accountant who lived many years in Milan. Back in 2009, he decided to buy this 5-hectares property, “to help my homeland to develop” in producing great wines, he said. Here, he turned the former cherry plantation, into a real Bio Organic vineyard. that means minimal treatment to plants, high uncutted grass and usage of helpful insects, to preserve and support the bio diversity-
And we realized that was truely Biological, while we were tasting Pietregiovani wines, and were approached by thousands of small mosquitoes!
13584963_300370063639110_756757301343119874_o.jpgThe Minutolo 2015 has been a revelation: not completely cristal-clear, but presenting some particles; smelling some pleasant aromas, but overall: a semi-sparkling taste, and such a beatiful Mineral sensation, at palate. I will definitely suggest it. It well matched with vegan finger food, as some canapèes handmade by the guys for today.
13580491_300369993639117_8630171392519221843_o.jpgIt was such a pleasure to share nice wines, with other foodies and passionate persons, in a real Pugliese vineyard. I wish the Apulia Wine group to organize further events, because as someone said: “nothing better than a good company and a good wine to enjoy the Life”. Salute



[photo credits to the participants and FB group Apulia Wine Tours]

Holy Monday in Puglia: our tips for a green Pasquetta

After the celebrations of the upcoming weekend, Italian tradition says to get out from houses on Holy Monday.

We call this day ‘Pasquetta’, the right time to enjoy the spring fresh breeze and sun. Since the ’60s Italians used to have pic-nics on this day, having pasta-al-forno, colomba cakes and Easter eggs.

Hopefully this Holy Monday the weather would be quite fine, then the following are our suggestions.

Sunday, 5th of April

pasqua palude la vela veduta mar piccolo tarantoPasqua at Riserva Regionale Palude La Vela

Here in Taranto’s Mar Piccolo, you can have a look to rare birds from this amazing point of view, dominating the whole Smaller Sea, which is the inner lagoon of Taranto.

Holy Monday, 6th of April

Biking in the Park, Ostuni, Brindisi

This regional reserve, rents you bikes for 15€ per person. Includes a route inside the Parco Regionale Dune Costiere, on the coastline of Ostuni, Brindisi. Info at +39.327.5785185

You can also follow the guided tour, by trekking, organized by our friends of Coop Serapia. Trekking in the park, bookings at + 39 366 5999514 and

pasquetta valle di itria acquedottoBiking upon the Waterpipes in Valle d’Itria

Still biking around Valle d’Itria, on the routes built upon the former waterpipes of Acquedotto Pugliese. Riding through Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca. Same price of 15€ per person to rent your bike. Or bring your own bike. The cost of this guided tour is 10€ per person, free of charge for a child accompanished by two adults. Contact + 39 366 5999514 or

pasquetta bosco pianelleTrekking, birdwatching and Speleology at Bosco delle Pianelle, Martina Franca, Taranto

You can join the local speleological group, for a trekking through this delicious green reserve, with a breath-taking view upon the Taranto Gulf.

They also manage a workshop to learn and build puppies of owls and more night birds, living into this wood. Costs and details at +39.080.4400950 Mobile +39.320.7137976 or +39.380.3285857 or e-mail to

Have a great time in Puglia, enjoy the local experience and stay Green Puglia ! 😉