Is this a dream: I Pastini white wines from the Valle d’Itria

Green Puglia keep on the route of Pugliese Wines communication. Here’s the English adaptation by Valerie Rice of Puglian Pleasures, to the former review of I Pastini by Angelo Laveneziana. Stay tuned with Whites from Valle d’Itria, and next reviews to come.

Puglian Pleasures

Rows of vines at I Pastini Vineyard I Pastini Vineyard

Originally posted by Green Puglia, written in Italian by Frank Maglio, adapted by Puglian Pleasures for our English readers.

This is a dream: Angelo Laveneziana, a young Sommellier living in London, thinks to himself as he samples some of the best white wines from the I Pastini vineyard in Locorotondo, in the Valle d’Itria of Italy. Working in collaboration with Green Puglia, Angelo reviews the relatively undiscovered white wines of this region.

When we speak of Puglian wines, many people automatically think of big bold reds, which are increasing in popularity, both nationally and internationally amongst wine enthusiasts. However, there’s so much more to Puglian wines, and the true workhorse behind this new phenomenon is the humble white grape, which is receiving an increasingly broad consensus on the part of those who enjoy sipping quality in the glass.

Rows of Vines running parallel with the railway line In particular, we are talking about…

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